Process Audit

Process Audit

Process Audits are audits where the scope of the audit has been narrowed to one or more processes, and where the audit criteria have been defined. A Process audit seeks to improve the selected process (es) by finding out how the process is performing against the defined criteria.

The benefit of having a Process Audit is that you are concentrating and dedicating your full attention to one or more processes. This means that you may be spending 1, 2, or more days on a single process, reviewing all aspects of it, from top to bottom, within the defined criteria. Such an exercise is bound to find several opportunities for improving the process in a significant way.

Process Audit systems are validated using various indicators.Indicators of implementation and effectiveness:

  • Delivered part quality performance
  • Customer disruptions, including field returns
  • Delivery performance, including incidents of premium freight
  • Customer notifications related to quality or delivery issues

Business process audit benefits

  • Risk analysis and contingency procedures.
  • It promotes more transparency and corporate governance.
  • Verification of controls used and their suitability to the business.
  • To verify how often the defined procedures and practices are adequate.
  • Provide information for decision making on improvements and changes in processes.

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